A real Artist, Writer, Poet or Composer does not wake up one morning and decide to create Artwork or Compositions. They have been born with an inner drive to create and express themselves and in the process create beauty and magic.

I am passionate about my work and have a consistent need to express my vision whether it is in my painting or my photography. For me the most important and happiest time is when I am painting or recording the beauty and magic of Nature and am able to share my vision with others.

My love of Nature, Colour and Form is a constant inspiration which I hope to express in my Figurative and Abstract paintings. An interest in Taoism, the practice of ‘Mindfulness’ and with an understanding of Nature and Intuition which are basic principals are important to me. My new work , which I call Modern Retro Artworks is part of my continuous journey from Figurative to Abstract, Geometric Abstraction, OpArt and Illusion, taking my paintings and hopefully the viewer towards what is called in Taoism. ‘Figure Ground Meditation’, which simply put, means just spending a few moments or longer, taking time to really look and enter an individual work, looking with ‘Mindfulness’ and then, hopefully, the viewer can find a moment of peace and calmness.

The new paintings, presented here for the first time, have given me the freedom to continue my journey, explore bold colours, Geometry, OpArt and Abstract shapes all giving harmonious, happy and colourful works suitable for any environment, with I hope a little magic.

Derek Harris