Derek Harris, from England, is an internationally recognized artist and award-winning photographer and designer. His work is collected and exhibited in galleries  in London, UK, Cyprus, Europe, the Far East and the USA. He is now living on and  inspired by the Mediterranean island of Cyprus.

Studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts in London and for many years had  his own Studio Workshop designing and producing work with Mosaics, Stained  Glass and Ceramics for Architectural Decoration.

Derek loves colour, shapes and geometry. He studies Taosim, Zen Buddhism,  practices Mindfulness and has a deep love of Nature. All of this is reflected in his  work. He has taken Traditional Abstraction, Geometric Abstraction and OpArt and  transformed them in new and colourful ways.

Derek calls his distinctive style,  Modern Retro Artworks and presents available  pieces on this website. Although excellent for residences, they are especially good  solutions for Interior Designers, Commercial and Corporate Interiors, Office,  Industrial and other specialized Architectural applications such as Hotels, Villas and  Apartments. They make colourful statements; and through the use of bold colours  and carefully-organized shapes, they create environments that are simultaneously  happy and peaceful.